Petrel is a pilot of data service for researchers that provides a simple and intuitive interface for self-managed project-based data sharing capability.

The service provides storage on disks owned and managed by ALCF, and has a total capacity of 3 PB of usable space across 8 nodes. The storage has outside connectivity of 3GB/s to the outside world. Ceph file system is installed across all the nodes.

Globus transfer and sharing provide mechanism to transfer data into the system, manage data on filesystem, share data and transfer data to other locations.

Globus is used for authentication and identity needed to access the system. With support for federated login built into Globus, users can access Petrel using their campus or institution federated login.

Researchers or PIs request for allocation on Petrel, and a project allocation at 100TB is created per accepted request. PIs can manage the space independently: assign other users to manage space, provide read or read/write access to other users to folders in the space. Globus groups and identities are used for managing such access.